Autodoc migrates its systems to the AWS cloud and increases its operational efficiency with support from Dedalus

See how the company increased its operational efficiency by migrating its systems to the cloud with the support of Dedalus.

Since 2003, Autodoc has been developing technological solutions that meet the particular needs of the construction sector. With the founders’ background in engineering and technology, it guarantees to more than 2,000 clients in Brazil and abroad the strategic look at market trends and innovations that serve professionals in this segment.

Currently, Autodoc’s Software as a Service is a work tool for thousands of architects and engineers and delivers solutions capable of helping professionals optimize their time and increase their productivity, in addition to meeting each technical and singular specificity during the pre-construction, construction and post-construction journey. Autodoc has the differential of having been conceived as a SaaS concept – Software as a Service – since entering the market with its first solution. SaaS culture is part of the company’s DNA.


When they decided to enter the market, more than 18 years ago, Autodoc worked with the model of on-premises solutions, where the servers were located in the company itself, which was the standard format at the time. With the emergence of Cloud, the company identified technology as a more effective way of operating, but they encountered resistance from partners to implement the solution because it is a recent service in the sector.

During this journey, Autodoc evolved and, with the advances and greater availability of access to cloud technologies in Brazil, they considered the solution offered by AWS, the infrastructure turning point.

After conversations with several companies in the market, Dedalus had a management that perfectly adjusted to the company’s demands. “The on-premises service was no longer the one that best suited the infrastructure we wanted for Autodoc, when we started looking for players in the market that could meet our demands, Dedalus stood out for the services offered”, says Tiago Silva, CTO of Autodoc.

Ana Sestak, founder of Autodoc, adds, “One of the factors of consideration for our choice was to observe the vision of a market leader focused on the business, with a high technical level. I know we made the right choice, the Dedalus team became an extension of our team, supporting us in the migration, security and projects process”, says the executive.

What has been proposed

The journey to the cloud was diagnosed as a crucial point for the company’s evolution, due to the possibility of scaling servers in a matter of seconds, bringing more efficiency. The migration lasted just over a month, considering the entire process of Dedalus’ assessment, consulting, and completion of the process.

The project was very well planned, aligned between the two companies and executed by 4 hands with the objective of obtaining a successful migration. Autodoc already had part of its infrastructure in the cloud and another still in a physical environment, so Dedalus helped them to structure in the best way what was in AWS and to migrate what still needed to leave the physical.

Perceived gains

It was possible to notice, throughout the implementation period, the reduction of the internal effort in the decision-making of infrastructure scale. The implementation time was also a considerable gain for the company, which went from 20 days to carry out the process of purchasing and approving servers to a few seconds.

It was also possible to observe a 20% saving in the costs of the current model, compared to the previous one, which had acquisition and maintenance costs. Today, Autodoc has the security of having a partner who is an expert and is always ready to propose the best solutions, regardless of the challenging scenario that the company may face.

Next steps

Autodoc has gone through an M&A process and is now an Ambar company. At this moment, the challenge is to transform the company into the largest Digital Platform for the Construction Sector. In addition to the process of integrating the digital products of the two companies, which have the portfolio collection of Autodoc, EVA and Conaz, the company is in an advanced process of developing the Autodoc Suite, which has all the integrated products, more new products that are under development and new features in the existing products. The strong trend from now on is also the concept of work in the palm of the hand, exploring the strengthening of mobility to deliver more value to the customer of the work.

The Platform is already in an advanced stage of development and will soon be available to all the company’s customers. The concept of the Autodoc/Ambar Platform project is to be an open ecosystem, aiming to provide customers with integrations with other partner software through Autodoc’s APIs.

Another structuring factor of AMBAR’s market strategy at this time, which will support the expansion of the Platform, are other possible M&As that are on the company’s radar, with the objective of strengthening SUITE in the journey of building and consolidating leadership in the sector.

Autodoc already has a strategy for the next three years and, for the continuity of this partnership, they have already started talks with Dedalus, to manage this new infrastructure and what they will consume in this process both in the short and medium term.

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