Automation of internal processes made Fibra a true digital bank

Banco Fibra invested in internal digitalization and adopted the continuous management of its data in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud with support from Dedalus.

About Banco Fibra

Banco Fibra, recognized for its focus on the Companies, Corporate and Agro segments, stands out in the Brazilian financial sector for its innovative approach and constant search to improve the customer experience. With highly dedicated professionals, the institution is committed to providing precision, transparency and efficiency to its clients throughout Brazil.


To improve productivity, service quality and customer experience, Banco Fibra identified that internal digitalization was the ideal strategy to bring value to the business. The institution adopted a cloud-based approach that offered scalability, resilience and security while keeping costs under control.

Carlos Alberto Sangiorgio, director of Technology and Digital Transformation at Banco Fibra, emphasizes the importance of making the computing strategy “data-driven” in a world of exponential data growth. It highlights the simplification, agility, transparency and improved security of internal processes, allowing the financial institution to comply with complex government regulations.

What was proposed

To further optimize its relationship with the cloud, Banco Fibra chose Dedalus as a partner to manage its data in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, transforming it into a digital bank. Dedalus is recognized as a leader in CloudComputing and an AWS Certified Managed Services Specialist.

For Banco Fibra’s data management, we use the AWS Glue service and Amazon Athena to standardize the consolidation of information from various data sources, offering a unified view for better decision-making in business areas. This approach allowed the analysis of data coming from the Amazon Simple Storage Service (AmazonS3), including different types of data for processing and availability.

Agility in processing and making information available, along with data tracking and auditing through AWS ConfigRules and Amazon CloudWatch, has improved data control and governance.

Banco Fibra uses computing services in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (AmazonEC2) and Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) instances to guarantee scalability and availability. Additionally, we implement contingency strategies across different Amazon Web Services (AWS) regions to comply with government disaster recovery regulations. The relational database infrastructure operates on Amazon Relational Database Service (AmazonRDS), including the use of Amazon Aurora on MySQL, which has resulted in greater performance, security and availability, simplifying the creation of new databases to meet business projects.


The successful experience of adopting agile practices in the IT area, combined with Dedalus’ support in cloud data management, enabled the dissemination of a data-driven culture throughout the institution. This initiative filled a gap in the market, providing solutions aligned with new technologies and needs.

Currently, data management is Banco Fibra’s main priority, driving Big Data, Analytics projects and the creation of a Data Lake for essential business insights. Internal processes were simplified, streamlined, made transparent and safer, complying with government regulations.

Collaboration with Dedalus allowed Banco Fibra’s IT sector to become a strategic part of the organization, focusing on meeting business needs and promoting digital transformation.

Thanks to the partnership with Dedalus, Banco Fibra is equipped to manage your business without worrying about the computing environment. Dedalus has proven to be a reliable partner, ready to face challenges with a team up to date with the latest technologies. This allowed Banco Fibra to focus on managing its cloud-hosted applications and continued growth.

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