Bionexo chooses Dedalus and Oracle as partners in its Multicloud journey

When carrying out its migration to the cloud, Bionexo evaluated several suppliers. And the choice for Dedalus was due to several factors. Firstly, it was due to its leadership, recognized in the market in general, regardless of the segment.

About the company

Bionexo is a company based entirely on digital technology, born in 2000 as healthtech, before the term itself existed. The company operates in the B2B sector, focused on the supply layer for the healthcare market, developing software that provides better connections between sector players (hospitals, providers, health plans, among others), providing transparency to the process and best practices between buyers and sellers.

An ecosystem made up of more than 3,000 buyers, more than 30,000 suppliers, more than 5.5 million products transacted per year and more than 5,000 quotes per day.


With the new market dynamics and the adoption of multicloud, the company has become even more robust to achieve high performance that yields good numbers and a marketing look at its solutions as a consumer’s dream, as they unite a platform far beyond a marketplace, a fully monitored environment so they can map their needs and know precisely what new product is needed to move up from level in quality management.

This type of intervention encompasses up to 700 inputs and there is a greater sense of urgency involved. In addition to providers and hospitals, there is also the healthcare operator, who must approve the surgery, which requires more speed and privacy in the handling of patient data.

Inventory is a major challenge for hospitals, which prefer to maintain a steady supply flow so as not to take up unnecessary space. Therefore, managing data in scalable and adaptable cloud environments is essential to serve everyone with agility, regardless of the size of the company. Bionexo was looking for a solution that was consistent, reliable, and provided an adequate response time.

What has been proposed

When migrating to the cloud, Bionexo evaluated several vendors. And the choice of Dedalus was due to several factors. First it was for its leadership, recognized in the market in general, regardless of the segment.

Another factor was that Dedalus has a team of specialized professionals highly trained in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). They helped Bionexo both in the migration of the database and in supporting the creation of more suitable environments.

Even with the know-how and experience regarding the cloud and its benefits, and even with the management and support services of its clouds carried out by another company, Bionexo needed adjustments on some fronts, such as vulnerability, security and management problems, and for this it found in Dedalus, also a multi-cloud company,  A solution to cope with this new capacity for innovation and all the possibilities it offered, adding greater stability and scalability to its core business.

In collaboration with the Oracle team, Dedalus executed the migration from AWS to OCI, already implementing governance that is then applied to the customer.

To make the transition, the company used a strategy that was to use its load balancer outside the framework to shape access, so that 10% to 20% of users accessed the new OCI environment every 15 days.

“Some advantages we took into account when choosing Dedalus and Oracle: the training of professionals, the quality of services, the performance and the excellent cost/benefit at OCI,” says Andre Ceron, Director of Infrastructure and Information Security at Bionexo.

Perceived Earnings

Bioneto’s first qualitative gain was the ability to work with a lifecycle of its solution as a whole. With a more consistent environment, the team was able to evolve from a basic stack to a more robust one.

In addition, the use of out-of-the-box OCI components enabled faster provisioning of environments and greater availability of resources. This allows for greater agility in the release of new functionality, as well as faster test execution and database duplication. All of this used to be expensive and time-consuming.

The multicloud management carried out by Dedalus provided Bionexo with gains in support and costs for the use of its applications on Oracle, ensuring performance well above expectations. All this allowed us to expand Bionexo’s matrix of possibilities consistently, providing performance, cost management, flexibility and control of the operation.

This quest for performance is important for the end of the journey, because it is possible, for example, that the nurse will devote more attention to the patient’s treatment, since she no longer spends as much time in front of the computer or tablet screen.