Dedalus Ensures Optimization of Riza Asset Management’s Cloud Infrastructure

With the implementation of cloud computing resource management, it was possible to generate savings as well as the optimization of resources.


It is no news that technology is essential for companies of all profiles and sizes to stand out in the market in a more competitive and efficient way. But for companies that are not in the industry, dealing autonomously with technological resources, which are increasingly advanced and complex, can be very expensive and divert the focus from their area of expertise.

Riza Asset Management, an asset manager focused on fixed income and alternative products, is a young company, born in 2020, but with enormous potential in the market. As part of its growth strategy, one of the pillars that structures the organization is technology. That’s why, from the beginning of their operations, they chose to adopt the cloud as their primary IT infrastructure.


Cloud environments generate the challenge of correctly managing and maintaining these structures, in addition to requiring specialized technical knowledge and time from a dedicated team for them to run assertively and with the certainty that the available resources are being used in the best way and at an appropriate cost.

As a result, after a market analysis, Riza chose to focus its expertise on the financial market and hire a partner recognized in the market within the cloud computing and data services segment to stay ahead of the IT needs that the company’s cloud required. The chosen company for this was Dedalus, which with its experience in managed services and expert consulting was able to help the asset manager in various aspects of its cloud infrastructure.


At first, the management of the Azure environment was carried out, ensuring that the company could make the most of its cloud infrastructure. This also included resource configuration and monitoring, as well as cost optimization. In this last aspect, we adopted cloud health for cost management and also added our other cloud, GCP, in order to centralize monitoring.

In a second moment, after conversations with the Dedalus commercial, we opted for the adoption of Snowflake, a data warehouse platform in the cloud, which is highly scalable and secure.

In a third moment, already with more than 60 employees, Riza called on Dedalus to help Riza update its Microsoft licenses and strengthen its security and identity control in the cloud. This was made possible by configuring policies for conditional access, multi-factor authentication (MFA), AD Premium, Intune, BitLocker, and other Microsoft Azure cloud tools.


Reflected in all the steps of this project, the savings at the beginning of the implementation were 15%, soon after, in its first year, it reached the incredible mark of 36% and adding to the current data, the numbers continue to surprise, totaling almost 50% cost reduction.

In addition to the savings generated, with the use of Snowflake, Riza can centralize its data in a single source of truth and efficiently provide valuable insights to its customers.

With the implementation of security and identity control in the cloud, it was possible to ensure that the asset manager’s data was protected from cyber threats and that only authorized users had access.

“Technology is fundamental to our operations. Both in terms of efficiency gains, intelligence and agility in decision-making, as well as in security”, says Fabiano Lemos, CTO of Riza. “We believe that our growth is linked, not only to our internal talents, but also to our partnerships, and Dedalus has been helping us a lot in this regard,” he says.

In practice, the partnership between the two brands allowed more time and peace of mind for Riza to dedicate itself to its core activities, generating an increase in efficiency and cost optimization. “This has allowed us to bring even more agility and innovation to our asset management service offering, leading to an even more complete and improved delivery.”

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