Dedalus restructures E-HTL’s infrastructure to serve partner network and more than 14 thousand active users

Dedalus takes care of the database, servers and monitoring of E-HTL's technology area.


Making a business gain scalability so that the company’s growth harmoniously follows the demands that may arise is always a challenge. In these cases, it is necessary to think about what are the essential decisions to be made so that this process is fluid and optimized. This is the example of E-HTL, which is one of the main tour operators in the Brazilian market, operating since 2004. The organization operates in more than 16 Brazilian states and has commercial agreements with more than 4,000 hotels and hotel chains in the country, as well as more than 200,000 international hotels and car rental companies around the world, with about 10,000 rental points.

Currently, E-HTL is a reference in the corporate market, closes more than 3,500 reservations per day and is considered the largest corporate company in hotel distribution for the B2B market, with a focus on travel agencies.


In recent years, E-HTL has had a great growth in its business, tripling the company’s revenue in 2022, with a projection of R$ 1 billion to 2023.Com this accelerated expansion within the tourism and travel vertical, the company, which felt the impact of the turnover of the technology market, realized the need to expand and decentralize the operation. For this, E-HTL sought a partner that had a team of trained specialists, who would add to this new moment of the company.

“Since the beginning of our operations, we have had an in-house team. However, we understood that a partner would be the best option for this new moment of E-HTL, so that we could have the support of a partner that could touch the entire technology structure and keep only the development team internal”, says Flávio Louro, CEO of E-HTL.

As E-HTL’s technical team was carrying out a restructuring in the software part, they also started the search for a specialist company to support the restructuring in terms of infrastructure.

The booking service offered by the company serves an entire network of partners and internal users, which reach more than 14,000 users. This environment had some bottlenecks and the database went down at times of access peaks. It was from there that E-HTL talked to the team’s team of experts and, together, they came up with the plan that best supported the company’s needs.


From the moment the contract was signed, the transfer of data from EHTL to Dedalus began. The process was carried out by four hands with the two technical teams throughout the period.

During the project, the development environment of the client’s main application (both the older and the new version) was migrated. Virtual machines with ScaleSet, queues in SQS, were also moved. The company’s database was also migrated to the AWS database, RDS Aurora.

All migration activity was carried out in a parallel environment to the one used by the company, with no impact on EHTL’s services. The go-live was planned for the entire maintenance window.


In this process, E-THL gained a team of partner specialists who are dedicated exclusively to security, servers and databases. The care of Dedalus, which also provides 24×7 monitoring, is essential to the health of the company’s business, which needs its systems in the air to make sales and serve its customers.

“Today, if our database becomes inoperable due to a problem, we directly impact the delivery of our services to customers,” says the CEO. “We always seek to offer the greatest possible excellence in our services and, with Dedalus, we gain greater support in our infrastructure. By monitoring them, we have the assurance that the system will be continuously online, and we receive alerts and warnings before a critical situation occurs.”

Next steps

E-HTL’s radar is the creation of new products, among them: a platform for travel sales and the development of two systems that aggregate the circuits through Europe and the cruises. This project is expected to be completed by the end of 2023 and, for this, they will have the support of Dedalus to implement this new system.

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