GS1 modernizes its IT environment and migrates to an Azure environment with the help of Dedalus

See how the institution saved 40% of infrastructure expenses and increased performance and security by migrating to Azure environment with Dedalus.

GS1 Brasil – Brazilian Automation Association, is a multisectoral, neutral and non-profit organization that develops and maintains global standards for efficient business communication, collaborating for the process of automation of supply chains, from raw materials to the final consumer. Known mainly for its bar codes and present in 150 countries, it has almost 60 thousand associates from various segments such as food, beverage and beauty.


The institution sought out Dedalus to migrate part of its servers to Microsoft Azure – a process that was carried out together with the client and took about three months to complete.

According to the association, the decision to migrate to a cloud environment was motivated by a series of challenges they had been facing with their web portal, as it is through it that they offer various services to their members, from their own affiliation to the organization, to essential services such as: contract viewing, issuance of duplicate slips,  administration of access to the member’s panel, registration to events, access to courses and training in GS1 standard technologies, in the creation of access to another important GS1 Brazil solution, the National Product Registry, among others. All of this requires a highly available and scalable environment.

Perceived gains

“When we had physical servers, our system crashed a lot and this made life difficult for our associates, who tried to access our portal. In addition, we had a disk space limitation and when it was necessary to expand this structure, it took days to be solved. Today this whole process has been simplified and we are able to scale our infrastructure according to our needs punctually, with just a few clicks”, highlights Claudio Alves, technology manager at GS1 Brazil.

In addition to this elasticity, GS1 highlights that it has already achieved a 40% reduction in infrastructure expenses, which was not dimensioned in the best way and was adjusted by Dedalus, generating annual savings beyond what GS1 expected. There was also a significant increase in the availability of the portal, which today is performing above 99%, which guarantees greater peace of mind for GS1 to have its services delivered at the end (to the end user) in its full use.

There was also a drop of 37.4% in the rate of opening tickets related to complaints of slowness or problems in the portal. In addition to all these benefits, the company now relies on the advisory services of Dedalus experts to solve any infrastructure difficulty that may arise and today feels safe to face new challenges.

Next steps

All these benefits are contributing strongly to GS1’s day-to-day operations and the association is expected to expand its partnership with Dedalus in the coming months, which plans to bring more and more services to the cloud. “The experience we had was so positive that we are evaluating bringing other services to the cloud. The next one should be data backup,” concludes the executive.

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