Partnership between Burger King and Dedalus ensures a 40% reduction in the company’s management costs and cloud services

The transfer of several of the BK systems to Microsoft's Azure cloud was a robust work that involved the Dedalus team in the implementation of the new infrastructure, monitoring and supporting the migration project.

Dedalus started a partnership with Burger King, which worked in a multi-cloud environment, to migrate its operations, thus ensuring a 40% reduction in the company’s technology costs. The transfer of several of the BK systems to Microsoft’s Azure cloud was a robust work that involved the Dedalus team in the implementation of the new infrastructure, monitoring and supporting the migration project.


“The migration with the operations in progress was the main challenge we had when we arrived at Dedalus, because even on days of lower demand, such as Monday, there is still a considerable volume of people using the systems. We could not run the risk of instability or inoperability for long periods,” says Alex Viana, head of infrastructure at BK Brasil.

Systems such as BK Office, responsible for receiving and consolidating information on all sales from 700 stores in real time; My BK, which makes payment to suppliers and works as the intranet for internal processes; the Automation Platform, which takes care of 1,400 monthly invoices for payment and, finally, the time and schedule control system for all 14,000 employees spread across Brazil, were the main challenges of the migration that required support from a partner company with expertise to perform these activities.

What has been proposed

To carry out the process, it was necessary to create a technical strategy and several procedures were advanced to make the system downtime less and less.

“If internal systems such as payroll and time attendance, for example, are down for two or three days, we start to have some problems with suppliers and even labor issues. In delivery, every minute off the air is revenue that the company loses. We had an episode in 2021 where 30 minutes off the air generated R$ 500 thousand in purchases that were not made”, comments Alex.

The design of the infrastructure was carried out by six hands, with Dedalus, Microsoft and BK Brasil’s technology team, and went through dozens of models until they developed the ideal version of the cloud architecture that met all the points required for the perfect execution of the project. The proposed architecture contemplated the re-hosting of about 50 Windows servers and 60 Linux servers, in addition to the Oracle Databases that were in the on-premises datacenters.

“During the migration of one of the systems, with a database of 9 terabytes, the entire process was executed in a short period of time. In addition to carrying out the process in a short period of time, we were successful in not losing any data or impairing performance”, adds the executive.

During the migration of internal services, the opportunity to migrate the delivery system to Azure was identified. The procedure was performed during the night, where the least movement occurs, by BK Brasil’s internal team and was covered and guided by Dedalus specialists during and after the process.

Perceived gains

Among the various gains, the main one was the cost-benefit ratio for BK Brasil. “We had a 40% reduction in cost, considering part of Dedalus’ cloud and services. It was a substantial reduction in our technology costs and this value, in addition to all the technical points of the project, was essential to defend our exit from a major technology player, which was our former supplier”, analyzes the executive.

In addition, BK’s satisfaction in being able to count on Dedalus’ team of experts who are able to score and warn about the possibility of an incident, already solving it before there is an impact on the end consumer – something essential for the relationship with external customers. Another factor is the benefits of using the Azure cloud, which will enhance the use of other Microsoft technologies already implemented by BK Brasil because they have better integration.

Next steps

After the completion of the migration of all systems, there are plans to bring other digital products to the management of Dedalus. There are also projects that are still under study in

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