With the support of Dedalus, Labi Exams expands its services to improve patient care

The partnership also includes monitoring, cost management and infrastructure from Labi Exams

About Labi Exams

Founded in 2017, Labi Exame is a startup focused on clinical analysis testing laboratories. The company aims to offer convenience and the best market prices to the population. With 35 units in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Labi has more than 600,000 customers served and seeks to further expand access to quality diagnostics with an intelligent model to perform the exams.

The company specializes in laboratory tests with reduced bureaucracy and offers options with quality and fair price. Since its entry into the market, Labi has more than 600 exams offered and an average of 9.6 satisfaction among its customers.


With the challenge of migrating its database to AWS technologies, Labi Exame sought to ensure greater scalability and availability of use. For your end user – the patient – this means quality and better care.

With the demand initially projected for the migration of the database, Dedalus identified the possibility of improvements in the internal processes of Labi Exams in order to ensure the security of data and processes in the AWS environment.

At the same time, the topic of cost governance was also on the agenda, since the company has a cloud environment to sustain its activities and storage of sensitive customer data.

“There are several options in the technology sector, but we chose Dedalus to close the partnership due to the good reputation the company has in managed services. We scheduled a meeting with the team of experts and we really liked the proposal that was made to us, so we decided to start the project”, says Diego Lorenzetti, technology manager at Labi Exames.

How was it adressed?

Understanding that Labi Exame had a PostgreSQL database implemented as infrastructure and the focus was to ensure greater scalability and availability in use, some meetings were held with the technical teams of Dedalus and Labi Exame and defined the migration and phased modernization of data to internal solutions of the AWS cloud.

Dedalus’ team of experts also evaluated the costs and use of resources to offer better consumption efficiency, generating insights and gains for the project.

Performance was also monitored in all cloud operations, based on the services provided by Labi Exames, to ensure the optimization of results and offering greater performance.


The partnership with Dedalus brought Labi Exams several benefits. Now, with a team of experts dedicated to leading the entire infrastructure, the company can focus 100% on the core of its business. Other gains include increased security, scalability and availability. Now, the company can use the best database management and monitoring solutions on the market to ensure greater performance and stability within its environment.

The work carried out in cost management also enabled a 10% reduction in infrastructure, generating savings, analysis of internal processes and better management of resources.

“We have gained a lot in monitoring, for example. We know that all machines are being analyzed and we receive alerts when there is an overloaded system. But, with an extremely proactive team observing everything, most of the time, when we are notified, the problem has already been solved by Dedalus”, comments the executive.

Finally, there is also the cost reduction obtained through the management of Dedalus. “The values fluctuate according to the use of each machine, but the assessments are done quarterly and help us manage our investments in the best possible way.”

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