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Achieve the digital transformation of your business through the constant modernization of legacy applications.

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Dedalus App Innovation

This is a solution aimed at supporting organizations on their cloud journey to achieve a full digital transformation. Through the modernization of legacy applications and Azure Cloud services for .NET and Java, our goal is to improve the performance and scalability of your business. All in accordance with good DevOps practices and the Well Architected Framework (WAF).

Why move legacy applications to Azure with Dedalus?

  • Updated app adaptability
  • Low structural costs
  • Fast and secure data migration
  • Storage elasticity
  • Business agility
In addition, we are Microsoft and Azure Expert MSP partners which shows that we do our work with excellence and quality. Our team has extensive experience and can identify, deliver, deploy and manage the best Azure Services. So we provide the most varied scenarios of innovation in technology for business.

Dedalus APP Innovation leverages Kubernetes and Azure Managed Database offerings. We also use DevOps practices and architectural innovation in the Microsoft Well Architected Framework in services and solutions that allow the development and release of software in less time with higher quality.

What do you get when you partner with an Azure Expert MSP

  • Enterprise grade infrastructure
  • Innovation in a fully managed platform
  • Less risk of legacy inefficiencies
  • Specialized and certified team
  • Unified migration and modernization
  • Analysis and indication of the best ways and practices of use
  • Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and Well
  • Architected Framework
  • Cost optimization and management

Understand how Dedalus APP Innovation works

Modernization of .NET and Java applications with PaaS, low code and managed databases
  • Web Application Modernization for Microsoft Azure
  • Infrastructure architecture
  • Migration plan
  • Compatibility Assessment
  • Data migration
Building cloud-native applications with Kubernetes, managed and serverless databases
  • Cloud-native app development on Azure
  • Role provisioning
  • infrastructure architecture
Drive DevOps Adoption with GitHub
  • Repository implementation
  • CI/CD conveyor implementation
  • Infrastructure as Code (Infra as a Code)
  • Code repository control
Well Architected Framework
  • Architectural innovation based on the Microsoft Well Architected framework


We want to help you and your business get prepared for the future through leading cloud computing solutions. Get to know Dedalus’ Cloud Solutions and leave your cloud environment in the hands of those who understand the most.

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Digital transformation is inevitable. Stay competitive and increase your business efficiency with the
right partner to guide you through this journey! Count on Dedalus for that.