Data Services

We combine technology and services to solve your data management challenges, making them strategic assets for your company.

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Collect, extract, analyze and compare all your business data with our data solutions.

We help you with migration solutions, data collection, storage, analysis and data exploration, offering optimized data environments, reducing “time to data”, controlling costs and resources.

In addition, we provide management services carried out by certified professionals that aim at the integrity, governance, cost management and security of the environment, in addition to identifying improvements and adequacy to new resources or services, preventing errors and disruptions of the environment.

MSP (Managed Service Provider) competence recognized by partners

Certified professionals with extensive experience in data solutions

Our goal is to optimize and expand your business through the main data solutions on the market.

Let our team help with the scalability of your company!

Data Managed Services

  • Data migration
  • Data collection and cleaning
  • Data storage
  • Data Warehouse Structuring and Governance
  • Data exploration

Professional Data Services

  • Mapping of data sources
  • Data cleaning
  • Data crossing
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Data exploration

Get to know our cases in Data Services

Portal de Documentos (B3) migrates structure to the cloud and raises operational level with Microsoft Azure and Dedalus

The new, more robust structure raises the operational level, ensures the resilience of applications and, above all, enables a positive impact on the business with the redirection of technology resources for the generation of new products.

Innovative company in the agribusiness sector seeks Dedalus and Snowflake to structure a modern data platform

The objective was to obtain operating profit and meet the growing demands of the business areas.

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